So, this is DeAnna

CoCo Vanilla


So, this is me. DeAnna, 25 years old, stay at home mommy to my 5 month old son. I am a freelance makeup artist, foodie, baker, jewelry seeker, habitual shopper (thanks to my mother), and now blogger. I buy way too many products. I sing while driving, in the shower, doing my makeup and while entertaining my son. At least it makes him giggle! I love to eat healthy and sometimes I indulge in the not so healthy.  OK! Probably more often than I should but, I am getting it in check, I promiseee. I like to play chef and share my latest recipes.

Ok, so on my blog I am going to post my latest creations, makeup tutorials, new product finds and/or reviews, my travels, healthy and some not so healthy recipes and photos, weight loss tips and products, my feelings on certain things happening in media/news, and whatever else I feel like…

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